POSTED January 31, 1998


By Louise Ferry
"THE GET-READY MAN" Mark 1:1-8 (Christmas Season) Butch & Grandpa

BUTCH: Grandpa, why does Mrs. Brown ring the bell during Sunday School?

GRANDPA: Well, Butch, it is to tell people that Sunday School is over and to get ready for church.

BUTCH: You mean that Mrs. Brown is like John the Baptist?

GRANDPA: What do you mean Butch?

BUTCH: Didn't John the Baptist go around telling people to get ready for the coming of Jesus?

GRANDPA: But John the Baptist didn't carry a bell with him that we know of, but it wouldn't been a bad idea.

BUTCH: Yes. He could have rung the bell and said, "get ready, get ready, Jesus is coming.

GRANDPA: That would be great.

BUTCH: Grandpa. Where do Christmas bells come from?

GRANDPA: I don't know Butch. Why do you ask?

BUTCH: I was thinking, wouldn't it be great if during this Christmas season, every time we heard bells, we think to ourselves, Get ready, Jesus is coming.

GRANDPA: That would be kind of neat. One more thing. In the country of Romania peasants believe that during the Christmas season God comes down to earth and walks among the people to bless them.

BUTCH: Think about it grandpa. Wouldn't it be great that every time we met someone, we thought to ourselves, this might be God in disguise. I better treat him or her with all kinds of friendliness and love.

GRANDPA: Maybe that would not be a bad idea the whole year round. Butch, you have had 2 great thoughts this morning. Bells to remind us to get ready, and treat everyone you meet as if they could be God in disguise. I'm proud of you Butch. See you next week.

BUTCH: Thanks grandpa. Look around everybody. Is God here this morning in disguise? Get ready, He's coming. See you next week.

LOUISE: (Louise closes)

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