POSTED March 3, 1998


By Louise Ferry
"DOES JESUS CARE?" ~~ Luke 7:11-17 ~~ Grandpa & Sally

SALLY: Grandpa, do you know how to tell a trees age?

GRANDPA: Check its birth certificate.

SALLY: No grandpa, you check the rings on the tree stump. A tree grow a new layer every year.

GRANDPA: Yes, and if the rings are wide it means that year there was a lot of rain fall.

SALLY: If you see the ring is wider on one side then the other, it meant the tree was bent as it grew.

GRANDPA: Sometimes you will encounter scars on the tree's rings. This means that the tree might have been damaged by fire that year.

SALLY: Yes, from the rings you can tell if the tree had a good year or a bad year.

GRANDPA: All of us have our good years and our bad years--our good days and our bad days.

SALLY: Yes grandpa, and some days are so bad we just want to hang our heads and cry.

GRANDPA: Did you know SALLY:, when I was reading my Bible this morning, I read in Luke the 7th chapter that when we have our bad days, there is somebody who sees us and hurts with us.

SALLY: That's wonderful, but who is it?

GRANDPA: It's Jesus. Jesus cares when things are going against us.

SALLY: That's right grandpa and if we will ask Him, He will help us. That is the reason it is so good to pray, we know someone is listening.

GRANDPA: Not only is He listening, He is caring.

SALLY: Yes, and He cares very much for us.

GRANDPA: Does He care for grandma too?

SALLY: Yes, grandpa, He cares for everybody.

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