POSTED March 19, 1998


By Louise Ferry
"TIME TO WALK ON THE WATER" ~~ Matthew 14:22-33 ~~ Butch & Grandma

BUTCH: Grandma. There are some things that really puzzle and amaze me.

G-MA: What's bothering you now Butch.

BUTCH: I just read where they say the moon weighs 8.1 billion tons. Does that amaze you?

G-MA: No, Butch, that doesn't amaze me. What amazes me is where did they get a set of bathroom scales large enough to weigh it?

BUTCH: I don't know. They have to be bigger than the ones we have. Then I read that they say 1 million earths would fit inside the sun.

G-MA: Why did that amaze you Butch? The sun is very big.

BUTCH: I want to know where they got 1 million earths. Science always amazes me. You know, I'm very fortunate to be able to go to school and learn all about this wonderful universe in which God has placed us.

G-MA: You sure are. Of course they didn't use a bathroom scales to weigh the moon and they didn't need a million earths to figure out the sun would hold a million earths. They used complicated instruments and complicated mathematical fomulas to measure all that.

BUTCH: We have to accept what they tell us by faith. Right?

G-MA: That's right Butch. It's that way with God. We never see Him or hear Him, but still we believe He is there.

BUTCH: Yes and there are people we trust who have told us all about Jesus and about God and what He will do and we believe He will do wonderful things.

G-MA: We can't prove it, anymore than we can prove how much the moon weighs, but we believe it.

BUTCH: Yes, and someday, we believe it will be proven to be true.

G-MA: It will be proven Butch. Believe that. Just like I know the preacher is going to preach this morning, I know that God will do what He says He will.

BUTCH: If he is going to preach, I think I'll go to children's church. How about you kids?

G-MA: See you everybody. See you Peggy

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