POSTED March 31, 1998


By Art Ferry
"DONKEYS ON PARADE". Matthew 21:1-16 PUPPETS: Spot the donkey, Bernie the dog

BERNIE: Spot my good friend, what in the world is going on today?

SPOT: Whatever do you mean.

BERNIE: Well, you know, all those Palm leaves and all the fuss. Why are they doing this.

SPOT: Bernie, it all has to do with a Parade of Donkeys, as I understand it.

BERNIE: A Parade of Donkeys, that's absurd.

SPOT: Maybe so, but that is it. You see a fellow by the name of King Jesus chose a donkey to carry Him into the city almost 2,000 years ago.

BERNIE: Why did He choose a donkey, didn't He know anybody with a horse?

SPOT: I guess not. Donkeys are beast of burden, trained to plow not carry Kings.

BERNIE: Why, the only person to use a donkey to ride on is a lowly unimportant person. Not a King.

SPOT: I know. I'm poor and unimportant trained to work and not carry Kings, let alone the King of Kings. Yet He chose me to carry Him in triumph in this world's parade.

BERNIE: Boy, is your head going to swell.

SPOT: (Softly) No, I just pray that He keeps me small so all may see how great He is, keep me humble so all may say, "Blessed is He who cometh in the name of the Lord", not "what a great donkey He rides".

BERNIE: That is strange. He could have ridden in on a war horse, but He chose a donkey, a symbol of peace, a lowly animal whose back could carry such great weight. Strange indeed. Strange indeed, this One they call King Jesus.

SPOT: Yes, it is strange and I do pray that the people will not look at the 4 legged donkey, because that is not what the day is about. It is about the King of Kings coming in triumph, not about a donkey. I hope they remember, I hope they remember.

BERNIE: I do too, Spot. It is Jesus who came to carry our burdens, the tremendous weight of the sins of the whole world. What nobler, finer role, then, can we have than that of His donkeys, than being bearers of the Christ into our cities, villages, countries?

SPOT: Indeed, what an honor, not a chore, what a privilege! Even if there is no parade of donkeys into a celestial stable, it is worth it just having Christ in our lives, we donkeys, and you people. To have Christ in our lives here and now and bearing Him wherever we go.

BERNIE: Oh-h-h to be a people and to have Christ in our lives too. By everybody. Be sure to carry Jesus with you as you go about.

SPOT: If a dumb donkey can carry Christ, look how much more you can do. By Peggy.

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