POSTED May 2, 1998


By Louise Ferry
"BOXED IN" ~~ Matthew 5:43-44 ~~ LOUISE, SALLY & BUTCH

SALLY: Boy oh boy. Do I have a problem

BUTCH: What's the problem, Sally?

SALLY: Do you see that box that Louise is holding.

BUTCH: Yes. What about it?

SALLY: As you can see, it is well-sealed. And I have a bag of marbles that Louise is holding, and I want to put the marbles in the box. Do you have any idea about how to do that?

BUTCH: RIP the tape off!

SALLY: That would be one way to do it, but it's pretty strong tape. If you look closely, you can see that it's got those little strings running through it. I wonder If there might be another way to get inside the box?

BUTCH: You could poke a hole in it.

SALLY: Yes, that would work too, however, there is an even easier way. As you can see, the other side of the box isn't taped, in fact it's completely open. So, there's no problem at all with dumping in the marbles. (Louise does this)

BUTCH: How about that!

SALLY: Obviously, you couldn't see everything about this box you needed to see when Louise had it turned over. It had a completely open side, but you couldn't see it.

BUTCH: That's right Sally.

SALLY: And I wonder if sometimes we don't have the same problem with other people and even with the church itself. What if this box was the church and those marbles were love?

BUTCH: You wouldn't be able to get love into the church.

SALLY: That's right, Butch, and, Oh my, that would be sad! What if you came to the church to bring your love and couldn't find a way inside. What if the church was all closed up, kind of like the other side of this box, but with its doors locked? Or what if you were a stranger and the doors were open, but the people inside didn't want a stranger to come in?

BUTCH: I would feel pretty bad.

SALLY: Any of us in that situation would feel badly.

BUTCH: Sometimes we close ourselves off from other people because we're angry with them or because they are different from what we're used to in some way.

SALLY: When we do that, we all lose. Love can't go where love isn't welcome.

BUTCH: Now, before you go, Louise has a marble for each of you; think of it as the love that goes out with you from this place when you go home today.

SALLY: And remember, if the box wasn't wide open, you'd have trouble getting the marble out. Maybe you'll want to hang onto your marble to remind you that love needs a opening to be in our lives.

BUTCH: Maybe you'll want to give your marble to a special friend, brother, sister, mother, father, grandmother or grandfather, just to say, "I love you"

SALLY: And if any of you drop your marbles and they go bouncing under the pews , it's certain we'll all hear it, and we'll know that love got loose in the church today.

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