POSTED June 06, 1998


By Louise Ferry
""ONE WORD CHANGED EVERYTHING" Matt. 16:13-20 ~~ PUPPETS: Butch & Grandma

LOUISE: (hold a stamp) Who knows what I am holding in my hand?

BUTCH: You are holding a stamp?

GRANDMA: How did you know what she was holding?

BUTCH: I've used stamps before. I put them on letters so the Post Office would carry them to someone I cared about.

GRANDMA: Okay then. How much is a stamp worth?

BUTCH: 32 cents. Unless you collect stamps. Some stamps are very valuable.

GRANDMA: Really. What makes them so valuable?

BUTCH: I read recently of a stamp that was worth one penny at the time it was issued in 1856. Today it is worth $100,000.

GRANDMA: My question is the same. What makes it so valuable?

BUTCH: It is the rarest stamp in the world--only one of its kind is known to exist. That's why it is so valuable. There is not another one like it in the world.

GRANDMA: Oh, I see. Do you remember you Sunday School lesson today? It was about Jesus. Why is Jesus so special? Boys & girls, why is Jesus so special?

BUTCH: (wait a moment, then say) One reason Jesus is so special is that there has never been anybody who ever lived who has been quite like Him.

GRANDMA: That's right. Nobody ever loved like He loved, nobody ever taught quite like He taught, no one else has given his or her life for the sins of the world.

BUTCH: Jesus is one of a kind. That is why He is our Savior, our Master and our Lord.

GRANDMA: I think you have it now Butch. You boys and girls remember that. Jesus is One of a kind. See you next week.

BUTCH: See you grandma. Boy, that's great. Jesus is one of a kind. See you boys & 000girls. See you Louise.

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