POSTED June 25, 1998

By Louise Ferry
"DO IT YOURSELF" Matthew 5:21-24 PUPPETS: Deb & Edithann

E-ANN: Deb, I was really impressed with your bedroom. It really looked nice.

DEB: Thanks, Edithann. It was a lot of hard work but it was worth it.

E-ANN: How's that, Deb. What made it hard work.

DEB: Well, we did not have enough money to buy everything new.

E-ANN: I can understand that. But it looked so nice. Was that new bedroom furniture?

DEB: No. It was my old furniture, we just refinished it.

E-ANN: You really did a nice job. Why don't we call Sally and have her come over.

DEB: (sarcastically) She won't come over, she's not speaking to me.

E-ANN: Are you speaking to her?

DEB: Of course not. She'll have to speak to me first. She's the one who's mad, I didn't do a thing to her. I even asked God to make her apoligize, but she hasn't done it.

E-ANN: Did you ever stop to think that God may want you to apologize.

DEB: But I didn't do anything to her!

E-ANN: Are you sure, it usually takes two to quarrel. We often want God to take care of our problems when there is something He expects us to do for ourselves.

DEB: But what could He want me to do?

E-ANN: One thing He wants us to do, according to His Word, is to humble ourselves. Apologizing is certainly humbling. In any case, remember our Scripture reading this morning?

DEB: Yes. It said that if someone had something against you, that you should go to them.

E-ANN: I know it's hard, but it is just like your bedroom furniture. When you refinished it it was hard work, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. Going to Sally is another type of "Do it yourself work". And it's worth it.

DEB: You're right. Do it yourself jobs are hard, but they are worth it. I going to go call Sally now. Bye everyone.

E-ANN: Well, boys and girls. Does God want you to apologize to someone? It's not easy to humble yourself, but it's God's way and it's worth every effort. An apology is a small price to pay for a friend. Bye Louise, bye Peggy.

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