POSTED July 7, 1998


By Louise Ferry
Matthew 11:25-30
Puppet: Spot & Sparks

SPARKS: You know Spot, I really don't envy you, having to carry around all those heavy loads.

SPOT: Whew! It sure is tiring, Have you ever tried to carry something really heavy?

SPARKS: No, I can't say that I have. You know how I try to save my energy for all that groawling stuff.

SPOT: After awhile, it gets tiring. Whew, I just need to move without it.

SPARKS: In Jesus' day, people, especially women, would carry big, heavy jars of water, or flour, or grapes, on their heads or shoulders.

SPOT: On their heads!!! That had to be tough.

SPARKS: It was the easiest way for them to carry a load and still use their hands for holding a baby, or leading a donkey, ooops, I forgot you are a donkey.

SPOT: Yes, and don't forget it again. You know, that humans if they try to carry a heavy load around for too long, their arms, or their back just get too tired, don't they?

SPARKS: You are looking to me for an answer, I just know how they taste. Just kidding. But I will tell you something I do know.

SPOT: What's that Sparks?

SPARKS: I know that they, the humans, sometimes carry heavy loads in their hearts.

SPOT: You're right, Sparks. Sometimes they can carry all kinds of hurts in their hearts, and they can feel so unhappy, just like their heart is carrying a too-heavy load.

SPARKS: Boys and girls, what kind of hurts can you carry in your hearts? (Wait for 3 or 4 answers--something along the lines of "sadness, meanness, scared, hatred, worry.")

Spot, don't you remember the Sunday School lesson we listened to outside the window this morning?

SPOT: Yes, I do remember. In it Jesus tells us that we don't have to feel all overloaded and tired in our hearts. He says that He will help us with these hurt feelings.

SPARKS: Yes, just like our bodies need rest when they've worked so hard, our souls need rest when they are filled with sad feelings.

SPOT: And Jesus said that He would give our souls rest.

SPARKS: But how would He do that?

SPOT: Well, if we love Jesus and trust Him, then He will take hurt feelings out of our heart. When we're sad, when we're angry, when we're scared, when we're feeling mean towards somebody, we can tell Jesus about it, and He will help us to get rid of these hurt feelings.

SPARKS: Next time you feel overloaded in your heart boys & girls, remember that Jesus is waiting to help you too. Bye Louise, Bye Peggy. Now you boys & girls go sit with your parents.

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