POSTED July 15, 1998


By Louise Ferry
Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23
PUPPETS: Alien & Deb

DEB: Good morning boys and girls. Alien, have you ever planted some seeds and waited for them to grow?

ALIEN: What's a seed?

DEB: Oh, I forgot, you are an alien. Maybe the boys and girls know what I'm talking about. Boys & girls, have you ever helped your mom or your dad to plant a garden, or have you taken care of some indoor plants. (wait for response)

ALIEN: I haven't planted, what did you call them, seeds. But I did watch a program on TV called Mr. Rogers. He showed something like that.

DEB: So you probably know that seeds have to be planted in good dirt so that they'll grow right.

ALIEN: Yes, I know that because where I come from the ground is all red and the dirt is no good.

DEB: Some dirt here is no good too. Some dirt is very rocky. It's very hard to grow anything in rocky dirt because the plant can't set down long, strong roots.

ALIEN: Yes, Mr. Rogers said the roots of a plant need lots of growing room, and if the dirt is very rocky, then there won't be enough room for the roots to grow.

DEB: There is another kind of dirt that doesn't work well when you try to plant things in it.

ALIEN: What's that?

DEB: That is dirt that has a lot of weeds (or thorns) in it. Weeds tend to soak up all the water and the good stuff in the dirt that the plant needs to take in to stay healthy.

ALIEN: If the weeds soak up all the good stuff, then the plant will die.

DEB: But then there's a good kind of dirt for planting things. That is dirt that doesn't have a lot of rocks or weeds in it. In this dirt, you can plant a few seeds, water and fertilize them, and watch a plant grow.

ALIEN: Wow, that is neat. Didn't we hear something this morning in Sunday School about what Jesus said concerning this.

DEB: Jesus said that when some people hear about God and His love, they act like dirt with rocks. They don't trust God or live the way He wants them to, so their faith never really grows like it could.

ALIEN: And if I remember right, Jesus said that when some people hear about God and His love, they act like dirt that is filled with weeds or thorns. They let worry, or greed, or other bad things separate them from God, and their faith doesn't really grow.

DEB: But when we hear about God and His love, we can be like good, smooth dirt instead. Good dirt doesn't have rocks, or thorns, or weeds in it.

ALIEN: Yes, plants can grow easily in good dirt.

DEB: In the same way, we can learn about God, and try to live the way He wants us to. When we do this, our faith will grow, just like a healthy plant. Bye Louise, bye Peggy.

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