POSTED July 15, 1998


By Louise Ferry
Luke 21:25-31
PUPPETS: Sally & Butch

(Butch stays down until Sally finishes her first remarks.)

Sally: Butch. Butch. Where are you? Boys and girls, have you seen Butch? (Wait for response) Butch, I have a little job for you. (Butch appears)

Butch: Okay, Sally, what is it now?

Sally: I just need you to help me with this sundial.

Butch: A.....what?

Sally: A sundial. You know, the first clock that people used to tell time.

Butch: Don't you think it would be a good idea for Louise to do this since our arms don't work too good?

Sally: Well......okay. (Louise asks one of the kids to help her with a piece of paper and pencil and flashlight. She explains how a sundial works)(puppets wait a short time for Louise to complete)

Butch: That's real interesting but I've got just one question.

Sally: And what's that?

Butch: How'd that thing work at night? There's no sunshine at night.

Sally: Of course there's not, Butch. So the sundial didn't work at night. and people were much better off when the first clock was invented. Then they could tell what time it was for real.

Butch: I've got a real sneaky feeling that ole Sally is leading up to something.

Sally: Yes, I am. Jesus talked about time, the past, the present and the future.

Butch: Present. Isn't that what I get at Christmas?

Sally: No, this present means right now, this very time.

Butch: Oh, excu-u-u-u-u-se me.

Sally: Well, anyway, when Jesus talked about the future, the time to come, He said not to worry about the future because God would take care of us.

Butch: Boy, I'm sure glad God is watching out for me and not Sally or Edith Ann. Sally: Butch, will you be quiet and listen? Jesus also said to be prepared for the future.

Butch: Well, in your case I think you need a hair do.

Sally: Butch, you don't listen at all.

Butch: You know, kids, Sally is pretty smart. Think about what she said today. See you real soon. Bye, everybody.

Sally: Bye Butch. See you sometime. Bye Louise. (Louise closes)

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