POSTED August 3, 1998


By Louise Ferry

"Ready For Fishing"
Matthew 4:17-22
PUPPETS: Sally & Dad

SALLY: Dad, I'm really glad we are finally going fishing this afternoon. I have been waiting a long time for this.

DAD: Well, it is about time we got our schedules set so we can go.

SALLY: You know dad, this week has been a great one in vacation Bible school. I even witnessed to a girl this week, but I guess it didn't do any good. She didn't want to come to Christ.

DAD: Sally, you know that fishing and witnessing are alot alike. So maybe you will learn something as we fish.

SALLY: Dad, will you do me a favor this afternoon when we are fishing?

DAD: What's that Sally?

SALLY: Will you bait my hook. I don't want to get all messy from handling the worms.

DAD: No, honey, baiting the hook is part of fishing.

SALLY: Okay, if you say so, but what do I do after baiting the hook?

DAD: You throw the line in and wait.

SALLY: How long do I have to wait?

DAD: Until you get a bite.

SALLY: I'm not even there yet and I don't like that part. I thought you could just throw out the line and get a fish right away.

DAD: No, Sally, the fish don't just get up and jump in the boat. You do everything you can, and then you use patience. Lots of patience.

SALLY: Lots of patience?

DAD: Yes, lots of patience. And when and if you get a bite, you pull in the line, and you may find a fish on the end of it. Remember how I told you that fishing and witnessing were a lot alike? Do you see why?

SALLY: Yes. I talked to Carol about accepting Christ; now I need to show patience. And, I will pray for Carol every day.

DAD: Yes, maybe God will let you pull in the line someday.

SALLY: Yes, boys and girls. Sometimes people don't come to Christ right away. Sometimes it takes time, patience, persistence and prayer.

DAD: That's right Sally, and you keep witnessing & waiting for God to Work. Jesus said, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men" Bye everybody, don't forget to come tonight.

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