POSTED August 11, 1998


By Louise Ferry

Scripture Reading Daniel 1:3-5, 8-9 (NIV)
PUPPETS: Butch & Mom

BUTCH: Guess what, Mom? Our class is having a play. There's one scene with the devil in it, and Miss Clark gave me that part, but I really don't want to do it.

MOM: Did you tell her?

BUTCH: No, I was going to, but ---

MOM: But what?

BUTCH: I was going to tell Miss Clark but Christi was talking to her.

MOM: Well, what does Christi talking to Miss Clark have to do with what you were going to say?

BUTCH: You see, Christi was supposed to be a witch in the play, and she was telling Miss Clark she wouldn't do it. I was afraid.

MOM: Do you remember last night at the supper table when I placed some food on Carrie's plate and she said "I don't want that! I'm not going to eat it!" Remember what I said?

BUTCH: Yes, you said "Then you will not get any dessert" I also remember what Beth said. She said, "Mother, could I eat extra vegetables instead of this casserole, please?" And you said, "I suppose so"

MOM: And Carrie then said, "Why do I have to eat casserole if Beth doesn't?" And I told her that it was because that her attitude was bad. Beth asked politely if she could have a substitute. Carrie declared rebelliously that she would not going to eat hers.

BUTCH: But how is this going to help me?

MOM: Well, maybe we can learn from what happened last night. Did Christi asked Miss Clark to excuse her from the play or did she just say she wasn't going to do it?

BUTCH: She just said she wouldn't do it, she was pretty hateful about it. I guess that might be why Miss Clark got mad.

MOM: You see, Butch, whether or not our requests are granted often depends on how we ask than on what we ask.

BUTCH: How we ask, hmmm? Tomorrow I'm going to ask Miss Clark if I could be excused from the play?

MOM: I am sure she will if you ask with the right attitude. How about you boys & girls, if there is something you feel is wrong, don't be afraid to say no, but say it the right way.

BUTCH: In our Bible lesson Daniel "purposed in his heart" (made up his mind ahead of time) that he would not do wrong. You need to do that, too, but don't be rebellious or super-holy about it.

MOM: Be respectful but firm, as Daniel was. See you everybody. Bye Louise, bye Peggy.

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