POSTED October 03, 1998


By Louise Ferry

Scripture Reading Luke 17:11-15
PUPPETS: Sally & Mom

    SALLY: Boy, it sure was a great day yesterday.

    MOM: You mean, because it was your birthday?

    SALLY: Yes. And I think I'll go out right after church and ride my new bike.

    MOM: Don't you remember the last gift you opened.

    SALLY: Oh, you mean the little package?

    MOM: Yes, Sally, the little package. The one that contained thank you notes and stamps. You need to sit down and write everyone a thank you note.

    SALLY: I'll sit down tomorrow and do it. I don't have time right now. I'm going to ride my new bike after church.

    MOM: Everyone who bought you a gift spent time and money on you -- time and money they could well have used somewhere else. Certainly you have time to sit down and write a short note of thanks to each one.

    SALLY: Oh, mom. (pause) Okay, I'll do it right after church.

    MOM: That's good, Sally. It will only take you a half hour or so and then you can ride your bike.

    SALLY: That's what I'll do then.

    MOM: You know, Sally, every day the Lord gives us gifts, too, but so often we're in such a hurry to enjoy them that we neglect to tell Him, "Thanks".

    SALLY: You know what I'm going to start doing?

    MOM: No, Sally, what?

    SALLY: I'm going to start with "thank you prayers" before I ask the Lord for anything.

    MOM: That's excellent, Sally. Let's go start now. See you everybody.

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