POSTED October 10, 1998


By Louise Ferry

Scripture Reading Reading: Luke 17:11-19
PUPPETS: Dad & Sally

    SALLY: Dad, I really had a great time at the beach yesterday except for the birds.

    DAD: You mean the sea gulls?

    SALLY: Yes.

    DAD: Why didn't you like them, Sally?

    SALLY: Well, it all started when I thought they were hungry.

    DAD: I remember. You asked mom for some crackers to feed them.

    SALLY: Yes and when I started down the beach I broke the crackers up and started feeding the sea gulls.

    DAD: You looked very happy. Why did things change?

    SALLY: You see, Dad, I was happy because as I was feeding them they seemed to like me and I liked that.

    DAD: And that changed, didn't it?

    SALLY: Yes, when the crackers were gone, so were the sea gulls. They didn't like me they just liked the crackers I was feeding them.

    DAD: Do you remember your prayer at breakfast yesterday? Try to remember it.

    SALLY: Well, it went something like this: "Dear Jesus, bless this food. Give us good weather and a good time. Give us safety. Keep Butch from fussing. Amen." I think that was it.

    DAD: You see, Sally, I think sometimes we act somewhat like those sea gulls.

    SALLY: Dad, how do we act like sea gulls?

    DAD: Our prayers often express more 'gimmie' than gratitude for what Jesus has already done for us.

    SALLY: Oh, I see what you are getting at.

    DAD: We should seek the Lord Himself and not just the blessings or gifts that He gives us.

    SALLY: I guess you're right. The next time I pray I'm going to thank the Lord for the things He's given me before I ask for anything else.

    DAD: That's good, Sally. We all need to remember that. See you everybody.

    SALLY: Bye boys and girls. (puppets down)

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