POSTED November 21, 1998


By Louise Ferry

Lectionary Reading Philippians 4:6-9 < /i>
PUPPETS: Suzie Q & John Boy

    SUZIE Q: Hi everybody. My name is Suzie Que. I'm really glad to be here this morning and this is my good friend, John Boy.

    JOHN BOY: (speaks in a sad voice) Hi...

    SUZIE Q: Why, what's wrong with you John Boy?

    JOHN BOY: I don't feel so good. I think I've got that flu that everybody else has got. Oh.....

    SUZIE Q: But it's still a beautiful day.

    JOHN BOY: And I didn't like the breakfast my mom fixed for me.

    SUZIE Q: But it's still a beautiful day.

    JOHN BOY: And my shoes don't match. I got on one black shoe and one white shoe and I couldn't find my socks. I lost my Sunday School money. I tore my coat on a nail and my mom's gonna be mad.

    SUZIE Q: Boy, John, you sure are having a bad time but it's still a beautiful day.

    JOHN BOY: That's easy for you to say. You're not sitting here in my skin.

    SUZIE Q: John Boy!! You didn't pay any attention in Sunday School class today, did you?

    JOHN BOY: Well, I tried to, but it's hard when you're sick, hungry, you got no money, and your clothes are a wreck. And you're scared to go home.

    SUZIE Q: John Boy, it's still a beautiful day. Philippians 4, verses 6 thru 9 tells us that we shouldn't worry about things that God will give us peace in our hearts and minds.

    JOHN BOY: Speaking of piece, I could sure go for a piece of pie right now.

    SUZIE Q: You should have eaten your breakfast, John Boy.

    JOHN BOY: You are right, Suzie. And you are right about all those other things, too. If I will just think on the good things and not worry about the rest, I'll have a beautiful day, even if it's NOT a beautiful day.

    SUZIE Q: Well, we'd better get going to Children's Church. I heard that they are cutting and glueing today. Sounds like fun. Bye everybody. Have a beautiful day.

    JOHN BOY: See you soon.

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