POSTED December 07, 1998


By Louise Ferry

Lectionary Reading Luke 2:15-17; John 1:1-4, 9, 14
PUPPETS: Sally & Mom

    SALLY: Mom, you know it is almost Christmas and I can't help but think about last Christmas with Aunt Ellen and Uncle Joe.

    MOM: Yes Sally I do know what you mean. It started off so bad with Aunt Ellen & Uncle Joe almost being late.

    SALLY: Oh, how I remember that. Aunt Ellen said, "Merry Christmas, Sally! See what Santa Claus brought. We almost didn't come. Joe stayed late at the office party last night and came home even drunker than usual".

    MOM: Yes, and she gave uncle Joe a wink.

    SALLY: I remember thinking, "is this all that Christmas meant to her & Uncle Joe?" They weren't even Christians and I know how bad you and dad wanted to change that.

    MOM: Wasn't it funny though that as we sat down to Christmas dinner Aunt Jane loaded her plate with a little bit of everything and then looked about the table and shouted, "Where's the turkey?"

    SALLY: It sure did surprise you. You jumped up and went into the kitchen and a few minutes later came back with a platter of meat. As you came back into the room you said, "The main part of the meal and I forgot all about it!"

    MOM: I guess we had so much good stuff that we didn't miss it at first.

    SALLY: I remember Uncle Joe stretching out and saying, "Now that was a good meal and I'm glad someone remembered the turkey. It wouldn't have been the same without it.
    MOM: Yes and that is where Dad came into the picture. He said, "This dinner with the turkey would have been like Christmas without Christ. Many people think they can enjoy Christmas without paying much attention to Christ Himself.

    SALLY: And you added, "it's true that they may have good times, but they're missing the meat. They're not enjoying the best"

    MOM: Yes and Uncle Joe & Aunt Ellen looked at each other and settled back to listen as Dad began to read the Christmas story from the Bible.

    SALLY: Isn't it great how God can use a missing turkey to answer prayer. I wonder what He has in store for this Christmas?

    MOM: I don't know Sally, but it will be His will and work. Bye boys and girls.

    SALLY: Bye everybody and Merry Christmas.

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